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Our Back Link Building Service Is Back And Better Than Ever! 

Welcome To Tymes Backlink Building Service!

We can help you get to the 1st page on Google with our Backlink Building Service.

Do backlinks really make a big difference?

Try this, go to Google, do a search for the term CLICK HERE, you will see that a page from Adobe has the first place. This is not because they optimized their site for the term CLICK HERE, it is because of all the other sites online that have a link pointing to that page that says CLICK HERE, and that is just what our backlink building service does for your website!
Just go to Google and check it out yourself!


 With all the new changes that Google has been making these days, it is no longer enough to create a website, submit it to the search engines, build a few links and expect to get top search engine rankings.

While building links is still very important when it comes to getting top search engine rankings, doing it right is even more important.


Let me explain how we are going to help your website.


1st we are going to create thousands of unique articles. These articles are manually created, so they are going to be 100% readable. Each article is going to have 2 to 3 links pointing back to your website.


Next, we will submit and publish these articles in:

Article Directories
Wordpress Blogs
Other Blog Platforms

Wiki Pages


In total, these articles will be posted on between 1,000 to 2,000 websites every month.


But we don't stop their...


We will also use our link building service to post your website link to the top bookmarking services online.


We will then submit your website link to RSS feed aggregators, creating even more links for your site!


So between all the articles that are posted with 2 to 3 links each, social bookmarking links and links on RSS sites...


You will be getting 2,000 to 4,500 high quality backlinks every month! 


But Our Back Link Building Service Goes Even Further!


In order to make sure that these links are indexed and counted, we ping every link that we create for your site.


We then start building links for the new pages that we have created with your links using bookmarking, RSS submissions and micro-blogs.


This is what the links would look like...

Link Building Service 


Some of you are probably wondering how much this service is going to cost...


Other services online today are charging more than $500 a month for this type of service, and we could charge that too, but we want to make sure that everyone can afford our service, so we are not going to be charging anywhere near that. 


Right now you can sign up for this service for just...
$127 p/m


When you look at all the work we are going to be doing for your site, you should realize what an amazing price this is.


The reason we can charge so little is because we DO NOT have an affiliate program. This means that we do not have to pay people to get us clients. We also run our service out of a small office with a small staff. And this keeps our overhead down. 


If you have any questions about our service, please check out our FAQ page. If you do not find your answer there, please send us an email at:


We are only going to be offering 30 positions at this time. Once these positions are filled we will be removing the payment link below until we are able to accept new clients.


So if you want to join, please use the payment link below before we are full. 

Order Now

$127 p/m


Once payment is made you will be redirected to our information submission page. Please follow the directions on that page so we can begin your seo link building as soon as possible.


Thank You
Brian Tymes


p.s. Please remember that we have limited openings at this time for this price

p.p.s. This service is only designed for a single website and cannot be divided between multiple sites. You can however submit your main URL and 1 additional URL from the same website, if you would like some deep linking to be done.











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Watch This Video To See How Our Service Works!


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